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1. An interactive timeline of the history of Bertillonage.
2. A comprehensive library of resources related to Bertillonage, including books, articles, research papers, and multimedia.
3. An online forum for discussing topics related to Bertillonage and sharing ideas.
4. A virtual museum of Bertillonage artifacts and tools.
5. An online course on the basics of Bertillonage.
6. An interactive 3D map of the various applications of Bertillonage around the world.
7. A searchable database of Bertillonage practitioners and organizations.
8. A library of case studies exploring the applications of Bertillonage in various fields.
9. An online repository of Bertillonage-related materials, including photographs, diagrams, and videos.
10. An interactive game exploring the principles of Bertillonage through a virtual environment.

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